Roll of Honour

Here is a list of some of the individuals in the first incarnation of BWCB in 2008, many of whom are still with the band.

Artistic Directors

Marc Edwards and Sarah Waite

General Manager

Gill Leather


Kate Alford, Jane Allam, Anne Andrews, Nicola Brown, Katherine Burridge, Jacquie Champion, Pia Drake, Sally Fisher, Sarah Gooderham, Philip Klesel, Karen McKinnon, Rachel Morgan, Mary Percival, Brenda Perry, Alison Sutton


Kate Amos, Fiona Greer, Chris Hill, Jane Light, Rosemary McDonnell, Jane Swift


Sharon Atchley, Zoe Emms, Ann Groves, Lynn Hillman, Anita Lee, Fay Martin, Vicky Mathers, Catharine Paige, Lianne Patterson, Louise Piper, Jeanette Rockey, Ann Roper, Yvonne Stanley, Barbara Still, Natalie Taylor, Kate Tunstall, Graham Waite, Ruth Wise

Alto Saxes

Nina Bell-Williamson, Anna Codling, Emma Dyson, Hilary Pierce, Paula Scott, Caroline Seccombe, Julie Wilding, Alan Yates

Tenor Saxes

Tony Angus, Martin Beasley, Eleanor Holloway, Richard May, Steph Tookey, Tim Tustin

French Horns

Elin Davies, Jim Haley, Steve Harrison, Anna Lawson, John Perry


Gen Curd, Daryl Griffiths, Stephen Harrison, Linda Healey


Tom Burrell, Richard Cave, Daniel Gravett, Chris Greer, Emma Griffith, Helen Hayward, Jim Kennard, Stuart Laws, Natalie Mann, Sara Marshall, David Pennington, Gaynor Popplestone, Justin Rambohul, Brian Rockey, Jim Trott, Matt Wellard


Mark Roberts


Alan Gravett and Victor Nicholls


Claire Fellows, Paul Gozzard, Dave Rollinson, Kathryn Brown, Roger Childs