BWCB Breakaway Brass

About Breakaway Brass

"Breakaway Brass" is a small but enthusiastic and friendly brass band that meets every Tuesday during term-time at the Open Learning Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire 8:00-10:00pm.
The band does not take part in contests. Most of our performances are for community events such as fêtes and open days

Windsor Castle July 2015

Breakaway Brass Band Vacancies

  • New members are always welcome. We would particularly like more cornets (especially front row), more trombones, one more baritone and auxiliary percussionists (percussion instruments are provided)

Shinfield party


  • "Breakaway Brass" can be booked to perform at fêtes, parades and other events

  • Performances at charity events are free of charge but donations are encouraged, to cover costs and extend the repertoire of music that the group can perform

Barkham Carols